Thursday, 17 March 2011

Little Italy Pasta & Pizza Corner @ KK

Little Italy is located at the ground floor of Hotel Capital.

Lunch Set is around RM 20++
You can choose whether your want Pasta/Pizza/Rice with Salad/Soup of the day/Cappuccino + Garlic Bread

Service is EXCELLENT
Food is DELICIOUS especially the PASTA & PIZZA that we ordered

Taken the photo from Wisma Sabah

Outside the Little Italy


Just take it for FUN ^^

Inside the restaurant


My Lunch Set (Pasta + Garlic Bread + Salad)

Cappuccino (very nice)

Try to guess ^_^
Answer is Carrot Soup (Although I Hate carrot so much, the soup was Delicious)
Especially u eat with Garlic Bread =)
U really need to TRY it =)

Seafood Paste

Crispy home made PIZZA
This is the original stone baked Italian pizza

Ground Floor, Hotel Capital, 
Jalan Haji Saman 
88813 Kota Kinabalu Sabah
Tel: 088-232231

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  1. you all really need to try the pizza...
    very very very delicious and crispy...